As I explore my Latin side, here is a nice little ditty to bring you a little closer to my heart. The Calimex/Tex-Mex love is definitely shown in this video. Chout Out Chingo & MoCo. Respectively cancunshawty & @ieatmocos on social media.



The ‘Juicy’ Standardized Test: How Well Do You Know Biggie’s Anthem 20 Years Later?

This is the “Juicy” Standardized Test. This is not the Fill in the Blank “Juicy” quiz, or the True/False “Juicy” quiz, or the Word Bank Matching “Juicy” Quiz. You won’t be able to weasel your way through it by simply connecting words in the questions that rhyme with words in the responses. This is an adaptation of several statewide exams (New York and Texas, mostly), designed to replicate the rigor of those tests by asserting tiered, higher-order questioning.

It’s 10 questions long. And every question is rooted in “Juicy”-dom. If you’re not very familiar with the song, don’t even bother. Because this is the nerdiest rap thing.

Scroll to the end to see the answer key.

And don’t sit there trying to answer the questions with a browser window opened to a “Juicy” lyrics page. Don’t be a dolt.

Good luck. I hope that you do not die here today.

wow, shea serrano. lol. love this.

The gap can be bridged. I support education reform. Answer Key: 1.)D 2.)C 3.)A 4.)C 5.)D 6.)Mississippi 7.)C 8.)C 9.)B 10.)B

New York Midtown. August 8th. 
“I ain’t one of those rapper guys” - T.I.

New York Midtown. August 8th.
“I ain’t one of those rapper guys” - T.I.

Week In Review: 07/14 - 07/20/2014

Fri: Dj @ Papillon Midtown, Ny

Sat: That Champion Nutrition Flow, Midtown, Ny

Sat: Rehydrate, Midtown, Ny

Shouts Out: the producers of baby coconuts, all my islanders, instagram, people with quiet money, people smoking on that loud, people who say no.

 Week In Review: 07/07 - 07/13/2014

Sun: Family & Friends; DUMBO(Soon to be dumbra), Bk, Ny.

Shouts Out: Dante Gibson for making dope music & crafting Nachos from the bottom, Jon + Jane for their commitment, The French for gifting us(The U.S. of A.) the Statue of Liberty, The current group of realtors that are about to  bleed the DUMBO housing market, Native Instruments, apologies to Matt Damon we ran out of time.

Week In Review: 06/30 - 07/06/2014

Sun: Kent Ave. Brooklyn.

Line @ 10:58A

Line @ 11:17A

Kara Walker Exhibit @ The Domino Sugar Building  Brooklyn,Ny.


Shouts Out: People who like art, whoever the group of (presumably) people that built the Sphinx, the lady in the last photo for inadvertently posing for the universe, Kara Walker, and Candra whatever her last name is(oh she know) for pseudo putting me up on game.

Week In Review: 06/23 - 06/29/2014

Fri: Dj @ Papillon Midtown. Manhattan.

Sun: Dj In the Park. Inwood. Uptown.

Shout Outs: The Notorious BIG, The Outfit Tx, Dj Candlestick, Dj Mr. Rogers, Dj Good Grief, Dj iPod Ammo, The good folks at Papillon, And the Lightburn Family

Week In Review : 06/16 - 06/22/2014

Tue: South Williamsburg. Brooklyn.

Fri:The Remix Project. King West Village.Toronto.

Sat:Queen Street West + Doughbeezy + Forte Bowie +NxNe

Sun:USA V.S. CANADA - (US won) Toronto.Canada.

Shouts Out:Forte Bowie, Doughbeezy, The Remix Project, NxNe, Al Hughes, The good folks at Sennheiser, and Gangster Burger.




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Week In Review : 09/06/14 - 15/06/14

Wed/ It just flows so nicely don’t you agree? (Central Park)

Sun/ Lat Nights / Early Mornings (Bushwick & Williamsburg)

Shouts Out: Willie Puckett, Take Fo Records, The Jackson Five, The original Brown Beat, The Show Boys, Shreveport, Louisiana, all Parks & Recreation employees.